Hedge Fund

Farming ecosystem

Get your KOMET tokens by Uniswap or presale and stake them to earn NOVA.
Your NOVA tokens will give you the opportunity to mine, bid and vote to create a smart and organized collective Whale.

We are stronger together

Komet Finance is organized around a service that allows anyone to come together and become more powerful. As a decentralized Hedge Fund, the overall goal is to deliver dividends to stakeholders.

A user-friendly interface for voting

We understand crypto can be a rough trading environment and our team value the user experience. Komet Finance allows anyone to construct a bid. Each token holder has the power to vote on the bids they support and the winning bids are quickly and smoothly executed.

Roadmap 2021


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Q3 2021

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Q4 2021

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FullStack Senior Developer

FullStack Senior Developer with 10+ years of experience working on multiple big web and mobile projects. Twitter


JS Senior Software Engineer

JS Senior Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience focused mostly around web development, web applications and software architecture. Twitter

Benoît Philibert
Benoît Philibert

Lead UX/UI Designer

Lead UX/UI Designer at Stratisplatform He jumped into crypto in 2013 and has more than 10 years of experience in Design. Twitter

Michael Stephan

Senior Strategic Analyst

He has experience in the full financial ‘stack’ (back, middle and front office) on both the buy side and sell side. Although he has informally advised several crypto ventures in the past.


Full Stack Senior Solidity Developer

Working as a blockchain dev trainer, he has grokked the ins and outs of all that entails Ethereum blockchain development such as cryptography, consensus mechanisms, smart contracts, governance, etc.

Olivier Riccini

Full Stack Solidity Developer

Blockchain enthusiast, he is working as an Ethereum Solidity Developer and has already contributed to different projects in the crypto space like Props Token.

White Paper

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Propulsed by

  • Truffle
  • Metamask
  • web3
  • Infura
  • open zeppelin
  • Elm